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About The Site

A simple concept: Play Pokemon, write about my adventure. Of course, being a cynical, bitter, filthy-minded adult makes things infinitely more interesting! Join Bob (aka GodOfMoogles) on his adventure through the original pokemon game. Filled with sarcasm, biting observations, terrible puns, and more foul language than is probably necessary, it’s a fresh look at a classic.

This all started awhile back as blogs on MyIGN, the gamer community on popular gaming website IGN. It stemmed from my love of the original Pokemon games and the desire to look at them more closely as an adult than I would have as a child. Looking at the weird translations, quirky dialogue, bizarre concepts, and over-all silly world allows plenty of room for jokes of any kind. It’s more about embracing the faults and weird ticks of the world than actually making fun of them.

The first 8 chapters were posted very close to each other because those were the ones from IGN. I lost my save file for the game and subsequently gave up writing the blogs. Recently, I decided it was too good of a thing not to finish, so I made a new file mimicking the original and picked up right where I left off with chapter 9, the first of the “new” chapters.

Where Will It Go?

I’m not entirely sure. If this site picks up some steam and a fanbase, I’d love to continue into the second generation of Pokemon games and do another walkthrough with those. I wouldn’t be against doing some other pokemon-based humor writing as well. These are just ideas, nothing cemented in quite yet. I’m always up for suggestions or requests for ideas. It really is a large world full of jests to explore.

About The Author

I started writing comedy at a very young age, originally focusing on dialogue-based humor with friends. I soon grew attached to the concept of improv and stand up, choosing to write a lot of material for the stage early on. After very mild success performing stand up, I moved on to more long-form written humor in the form of a now-dead rant blog called Funny In Shadows. That part of my life was retired, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to completely abandon humor writing all together.  And through writing blogs for a gamer community, I stumbled upon the idea of a humorous look at the original pokemon games. The idea stuck .

Outside of this site, I also run two other creative writing sites focused more on serious pieces. I also live stream video games on Twitch.TV with about the same level of sarcasm and rage as I put forth in these stories.

I grew up with the pokemon games and video games in general, and it’s a huge part of my life. Every word I write on this site is with the passion of someone who loves what they’re doing. I hope that comes through, and I hope this whole thing can be enjoyed.

I know run a podcast called Low On Life with my friend and write entirely too much about video games…

The Links

Short Stories/Poems: Disassemble The Universe

Non-Linear Creative Writing Project: Human Echoes

Podcast: Low On Life

Video Game Live Stream Channel: GoM Presents: F@#& This Game!

Skype: godofmoogles

AIM: FunnyInShadows


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