Meet The Team

Current Party

Name: Wetback

The Story: Being a water-type, it was easy for this illegal to cross the river. Wetback is a hard worker who’s not afraid to take on any task for low pay and little thanks. Despite the negative attitude towards this, he doesn’t let it phase him and continues to be an important member of my team.

Name: Atkins

The Story: The original generation’s ever-popular fat version of the world’s most recognizable electric rodent. His parents were rather neglectful and he filled the void where love should have been with food. Lots of food. Atkins has on-and-off self-esteem issues which lead to his occasional desent in Bulemia.

Name: StiffyEars

The Story: StiffyEars is a walking, talking sexual innuendo. So secure in his masculinity that he’s not afraid to be his purple self, he’ll fuck your shit up faster than you can question why he goes on and on about his horn. StiffyEars is slowly growing into a strong member of the team, ready to fight at the drop of a hat due to his “manly” temper. Some believe he MAY be homosexual…

Name: Virgin

The Story: Spending most of his time in a dark, dank basement playing World of Warcraft has turned this Sandslash into a shut-in who lacks social skills. His nerdy nature means he’s unable to get laid, and this has cast him into the brooding, emo stage of his teen years. He spends his time outside of battle writing bad poetry and listen to My Chemical Romance. He likes nothing more than to show you his Cutting skills…

Name: Hobo

The Story: Once a mild-mannered and loving house cat, Hobo was horribly injured when someone dropped a gold coin off a high rise and found itself lodged in his head. This caused severe brain damage, and due to the lack of attention paid to mentally handicapped pokemon, he ended up on the streets. Attracted to shiny objects, he spends most of his homeless days stealing money from people in an attempt to survive. Whatever you do: DO NOT remove the coin from his head, because it causes immense amounts of blood to shoot out. It’d be beautiful if it wasn’t sure to give you some kind of disease. Eventually, through some hard work and determination, he turned his life around and has evolved into a respectable, albeit douchey, member of society. His love for mean-spirited jokes (and shitty jokes at that!) makes him unbearable to be around. The permanent nature of his brain damage is yet to be seen…

Name: Exile

The Story: Abandoned at a young age, this cute, playful little guy came with me on my adventure willingly. I in no way took him from some random house and forced him to fight for me. Little is known about him yet, and his past remains a mystery. After being exposed to high levels of radiation, it burst into flames and became a fiery Flareon. It’s quite dangerous, but actually rather sweet. Just don’t touch it or your skin will melt off.


One comment on “Meet The Team

  1. Rayz0r says:

    Nice team, its pretty balanced at that! And it also somewhat resembles the team I recently used for my latest play-through of Leafgreen.

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